Welcome to the New and Improved Tartan Army!

Welcome to the new and improved Tartan Army! This newly structured fan club is a more inclusive online community for members to connect with each other and will offer more exclusive opportunities for dedicated members. 

You will no longer need to pay a yearly fee to be a member of the Tartan Army. Instead, you will have the opportunity and choice to purchase passes for ticketed community events, including meet and greets. You will be able to access the online community, rewards system and exclusive content for free!

Members will continue to be able to earn loyalty points and redeem those points for rewards. At this time, points may be redeemed for store coupons against any online store purchase (including meet & greets). We will be adding additional redemption options soon which will allow loyal members to access exclusive opportunities.

Existing/paid up Gold & Platinum Members with remaining membership will be receiving an email in the coming weeks with information regarding their memberships. Those members will also have their points balance transferred over to this new site. Please allow up to 15 business days from registering on this new website for your points balance to be transferred over. 

Thanks for joining the new and improved Tartan Army! We look forward to seeing you soon!

- Johnny Reid's Tartan Army